The WISE Cortical Strip

A revolutionary electrode for Intraoperative Neuromonitoring during brain tumor and epilepsy surgeries

Not just
another strip

Intraoperative neuromonitoring is the use of electrophysiological signals to monitor the functional integrity of neural structures during surgery. The purpose of monitoring is to reduce the risk of damage to the nervous system of the patient, and to provide guidance to the surgeon. Due to the nature and vulnerability of the brain tissue, only specially developed electrodes can be used.

Our CE-marked WISE Cortical Strip (WCS®), part of our WISEneuro® Monitoring family, is composed of platinum electrodes embedded in a soft and thin film of medical grade silicone. It is used for continuous recording of the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity (ECoG) and somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs). It is also used for brain stimulation, aimed to elicit motor evoked potentials (MEPs).

Unique features

The WISE Cortical Strip is manufactured with WISE’s patented Supersonic Technology.


The WISE Cortical Strip is CE-marked and is now aiming for the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the US market.

Clinically tested

The WISE Cortical Strip has been extensively tested in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Patented manufacturing

The WISE Cortical Strip is manufactured with our patented Supersonic Technology that allows us to embed platinum electrodes in soft and thin films of medical-grade silicone.

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