The Heron® lead

Spreading its wings. Straight to pain relief.

The first Expandable Percutaneous Paddle lead for SCS

WISE is developing a revolutionary multicolumn paddle lead for neuromodulation that can be implanted percutaneously by interventional pain practitioners and neurosurgeons.

The Heron® lead is the first paddle lead for Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) that is expandable and combines the benefits of multicolumn paddle leads and cylindrical percutaneous leads.

Like a heron, WISE’s lead can close its wings for percutaneous implantation, and spread its wings after implantation for an optimal spine coverage.



Offering the advantages of paddle leads to pain therapists

Clinical evidence from decades of SCS shows that traditional multicolumn paddle leads outperform cylindrical leads but can only be implanted with an invasive procedure. To overcome this limitation, we are developing our Heron® lead, part of our WISEneuro® Modulation family.

Higher energy

WISE Technology

Minimally invasive and expandable

WISE’s Supersonic Technology allows us to produce an extremely thin multicolumn paddle lead that can be folded to fit into a catheter, inserted percutaneously and open like the wings of a heron.
The Heron® is the first lead based on our EXpandable PERcuTaneous (EXPERT) concept.

Spinal Cord Stimulation for chronic pain

Chronic pain is a debilitating disease for sufferers and treatment costs billions for the world’s healthcare systems each year. Today, the therapeutic market is dominated by drugs, but we believe in alternative treatments, such as neuromodulation using SCS implants.

SCS implants work by blocking pain signals before they reach the brain through the delivery of electrical stimuli to the spinal cord via implantable leads. Currently there are two types of implantable leads available – surgical multicolumn paddle leads and percutaneous cylindrical leads.

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