Mission & Vision


We develop and produce best-in-class leads for neuromonitoring and neuromodulation to advance the treatment of acute and chronic indications

Our Mission

Minimally invasive medical devices for better treatment

Leveraging our unique expertise and technology, our mission is to offer medical devices with superior clinical performance to improve treatments and quality of life for patients.

Our Vision

Stretching innovation. For medical devices and beyond

Our vision is to become the leading producer and provider of innovative electrodes for medical applications and beyond. Our electrodes are ideal for a wide range of applications, including cardio-vascular, brain-machine-interfaces, medical implants, but also stretchable & wearable electronics, optics, aerospace industry… This is our WISEinside® vision.

About WISE

We are a team of young and dynamic individuals, committed to producing innovative and breakthrough medical devices

Meet us at our headquarters and ISO-certified production facility near Milan (Italy).